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Wahbeh Tamari Kindergarten was established in 1973 to commemorate the highly esteemed Wahbeh Tamari. Today, at the kindergarten children and staff are offered the opportunity to develop and excel. We focus on the provision of up-to-date methods of educational techniques and methodologies, opportunities of communication with local and international educational institutes, and training courses for members of staff, administrators and board to render itself as a model exemplary kindergarten equipped with the best services.

Thus, 'Wahbeh Tamari' provides a unique learning experience molded with an exceptional environment for holistic development of its children. The children have the opportunity to learn in self-contained classrooms which commensurate with their individual levels regardless of their age (developmentally appropriate curriculum & practice).

The adopted curriculum challenges the students to keep on learning and thus becoming more equipped to make the transition to the primary stage.

Previous Principals:
Name Period
Suhaila Hadaddin 1974 - 1986
Astra Robert 1986 - 1997
Zahiah Shaddad 1997 - Now
Our Philosophy

The philosophy of our kindergarten emerges from our social traditions and customs and connected to the laws, regulations and instructions issued by the Ministry of Education which are supposed to be in line with the religious values and in accordance with Jordanian policies established by the Jordanian constitution. The following set of principles form the frame work of our philosophy:

  • The child is a social and active learner who grows and builds nested knowledge through interaction and direct experience with people, things, ideas and events and through the important activities and initiatives that reflect upon acquisition of knowledge and experience
  • The Kindergarten is a popular and desirable environment for the child and a stimulating and exciting educational stimuli and growth of physical, emotional, social and intellectual demands
  • The teacher is the person who possesses a creative personal and official characteristics and is able to play her role as a successful educator when and if she plans and performs in a high-quality manner.
  • The family is a supportive partner, responsible for the upbringing of children. The effective and positive communication with the family is vital to provide children with consistent harmonious environment.

Our Vision

Wahbeh Tamari looks forward to be a distinctive, superior Kindergarten and able to provide innovative specialized and high quality services compatible with the latest theories in the fields of education in order to fulfill its obligations towards our children, their families and the overall community within and outside Jordan.

Our Mission

We are interested in providing educational, methodological and enriched services for children aged 4 years to 6 years in an appropriate healthy atmosphere of care and attention and to reach the required degree of e xcellence and effectiveness to promote the role of kindergarten as one of the most distinguished in Jordan.

Our Values

  • Love children and treat them as if they were our children
  • Teamwork and cooperation
  • Honesty, integrity and trust to enrich our social relationships
  • Encourage new ideas
  • Continue to develop new areas of abilities in the Kindergarten
  • Respect and appreciation for others

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