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History of the school

The National Orthodox School (NOS) started as a kindergarten in a rental building in Jabal Amman in 1959 then moved to its present location in Shmeisani in 1965. NOS is the first co-educational school in Jordan and it is the off-spring of the Orthodox Educational Society. The number of students enrolled for the scholastic

The school implements its vision, mission and goals in all its programs and extra-curricular activities.

A1. Curriculum:

NOS follows the Jordanian curriculum assigned by the Ministry of Education(Grades1-12), the British Curriculum IGCSE (Grades 9-12) and the Cambridge Program(CP) for Grades 1-6.NOS which adopts a different English and French curriculum from that of the Ministry of Education.

: Previous Principals
Name Period
Myassar Qsoos Al Tarazi 1960 - 1965
Aileen Abd El-Noor Qarmash 1965 - 1966
Dr. Odeh Ilyas Al Halteh 1966 - 1977
1980 - 1987
Issa Hafiz Nino 1977 - 1980
1995 - 1997
Adel Fareed Abasi 1987 - 1990
Khalil Yousef Simreen 1990 - 1993
Ibrahim Yousef Qaqeesh 1993 - 1995
Azmi Safi Shaheen 1997 - 2010
Reema Zananiri 2010 - 2012
Musa Naji Shaban 2013 - Now

The National Orthodox School, a non profit coeducational institution, endeavors to provide an inspiring learning environment through its two national and international programs, to raise a student who is proud of his homeland and its values, open to various cultures and who contributes through his knowledge and honed skills to the building of one’s country and the good of humanity at large. This is done in active cooperation with parents and the competent teachers. The school promotes a learning climate, conducive to a student’s excellence, creativity and the utilization of one’s maximum capacity and potential.


To remain a leading school in the field of education by providing distin- guished and creative services that keep abreast of modern developments for the welfare of our students.


  • To ensure a learning experience that meets the highest international standards of education.
  • To provide an education that promotes open-mindedness towards other cultures and civilizations, while remaining strongly rooted and proud of our Arab culture and heritage.
  • To equip our students with the necessary skill sets that would enable them to become active and responsible members of their local and global communities.
  • To instill the values of justice, equality, the worth of man and the acceptance of the “other”.
  • To motivate students to utilize their capabilities fully in order to reach their maximum potential and achieve distinction, each in his and her own way.
  • To develop leadership skills by encouraging involvement in intellectual, artistic, creative, physical and social activities.
  • To provide and secure a safe school environment that reconciles individual freedom and collective responsibility.
  • To concentrate on the subjectivity of learning, encouragement of reading and training students in methods of research, critical thinking and problem-solving.
  • To concentrate equally on the development of both the National as well as the International program and accompanying enrichment programs, in effective partnership with teachers, parents and all parties involved.
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